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Technology may seem like an indomitable force, always marching forward and ever progressing. But frequently, what appears simple and seamless is actually the end result of years of toil, trial and error. Our best quality is experience.

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We Help Brands Engage With People.

Commercial Business Services is redefining the way in which organizations connect with their customers. Simply Put? We Help Brands Engage With People.

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The World’s Most Creatively Designed Boardrooms

Emphasizing technological innovation and total efficiency

Design, Reliability, Exceptional Service.

We do not rank our companies evaluation in the industry based on sales, Commercial Business Services prefer to have our ranking on the significances of the bottom line Design, Reliability, and Exceptional in Service. 

Digital Signage

In the boardroom, digital signage systems can create an unparalleled presentation experience. You can show your colleagues presentations, movies, slides, and all manner of media across the different zones of a video wall system or a single screen. Your meetings and presentations will have a larger impact and be more productive.

Custom Fabrication Specialization

Industry sectors include; electronic, telecommunications, power management, audio visual, medical, networking components, energy, wireless communication, and aerospace. Prototype development is a common occurrence, and Commercial Business Services often assist NPD (New Product Development) teams throughout the product life cycle with design assistance, as well as manufacturing the parts. Our Industrial fabrication services include custom fabrication, repairs, maintenance and new manufacturing services. Not everything we do can be bought off the shelve, every design has it’s challenges. Contact us to learn more about our precision machining and industrial fabrication services or one of our many services. Contact a specialist Fabrication@commercialBS.com

Design Planning

Assistance for Architects and Engineers 

Commercial Business Services takes the time to understand how each piece of the communications solution fits into the bigger picture. Our team of certified professionals has the ability to take AV and video collaboration technology and make it work in your environment. 

As an Architect or Engineer, Commercial Business Services is available to assist with Technical design.  Meeting spaces must convey the public persona of the business. Our vision is to deliver a system that inspires ideas, aids communication and increases productivity.

If your Firm is designing a videoconference room, Commercial Business Services can help with that too. Our experienced and talented design team will do a thorough review of your needs and recommend the conferencing equipment and a room design that best suits your needs.

Commercial Business Services is now offering a discounted recycling for Project Planning, Delivery, and Controls from available previous Scope of works, proven and Completed Programming Design and Drawings from completed installations. So all the work is already tested and proven! All original Designers, Programmers, are 100% available for any changes / modifications or requests you might require.

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Strategic Solutions and cutting edge Technology.

We help companies GO, and model what they need to do to get there.

Commercial Business Services is one of Canada’s more experienced video communications contractor and integration services company. We work with Architects, Engineers and Building Contractors to ensure the physical characteristics of your projects provide the best possible technology experience.

Our professional training department will teach your staff everything they need to know about your new system and how to get the most out of your equipment.

Corporate Service Programs

Service Level Agreements

To help reduce downtime and the on-going maintenance costs of your videoconference equipment, Commercial Business Services offers a range of comprehensive service programs. Our industry-certified technicians will ensure your room is running at peak efficiency, giving you more time to focus on your business. Our service programs include these time and money saving features:

24 hour technical support: A simple phone call to our experts can resolve most problems. Our service programs include unlimited 24-hour remote technical support from the customer support centre.

Software upgrades: To ensure you’re getting the most out of your system, it’s important to keep it up-to-date. Free software updates and patches is an important money-saving feature of our service programs.

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Custom Installations

Your project requires the Professionals that meet our standards.

Top quality products are essential. But to get the most out of your investment, it all comes down to proper installation. With Commercial Business Services, you don’t have to search all over for the best installers because we’ve already done that for you. We’ve assembled a team of industry-leading professional installers that are the envy of their peers. In addition to years of experience and unrivalled expertise, our installers bring complete dedication to customer satisfaction to every job. After all, they’ve got to meet the highest standards in Custom Installations. Ours.

What you can expect from the wide range of services with Commercial Business Services Professional Installation:

  • Fully Screened When it comes to choosing installers, no one’s pickier than we are. To even be considered Commercial Business Services, installers must be fully manufacturer certified and carry all necessary Workplace Safety Training Certifications and Insurance. This alone might be enough for the competition, but we go a step further by thoroughly screening everyone we work with. Only those who pass a comprehensive background check and have proven their installation work is of the highest quality are ultimately selected. It’s not easy becoming one of our installers, and that’s just the way we want it.
  • Manufacturer Trained There is no margin for error. Installations have to be perfect! That’s why our network of manufacturer-partners provides hundreds of additional training opportunities for our installers. Beyond this ongoing training, our installers bring their own exceptional craftsmanship to every job. The installers we choose are dedicated technicians who take pride in what they do. They’re meticulous professionals who labor over every detail to assure a flawlessly completed project. After all, it’s not just our reputation – it’s theirs, too.

Design, Installation, Programming, Commissioning and Training Your installation deserves our undivided attention. To ensure a smooth process, we’ll assign your project a Commercial Business Installation Project Management Team.

  • Outstanding Customer Service Our installers are as polite experienced and pleasant to deal with, as they are professional. They will go out of their way to ensure that your installation is clean and.
  •  Range of Services From design, consultation, training, to programming Commercial Business Services has the professionals to do your job right. And because we only work with the best installers in the industry, we’re able to fully guarantee every installation. In fact, we stand behind every professional installation we offer with a full one-year warranty on all finished labor.

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“Influencer and customer relations are our top priority.” Commercial Business Services understands and is here to help you in getting there.

Get a hand driving meaningful and measureable results across the entire communications landscape; Commercial Business Services is redefining the way in which organizations connect with their customers. Simply Put? We Help Brands Engage With People.

We do not rank our companies evaluation in the industry’s snapshot on sales, Commercial Business Services prefer to have our ranking on the significances of the bottom line Design, Reliability, and exceptional in Service

Satisfied Customers

Custom Installations

Brands Engaged with People

Outstanding Designs

This is why you Hire Commercial Business Services.

We realize selecting the right Electronic Systems Contractor for your project is a challenge. The wrong choice will stay with you long after the installation is complete, with an audio/video, entertainment or control system that is not easy to use. Every company you speak to will tell you that they are the best for your particular project, but how will you really know? After many years of happy client testimonials later, here are some points to consider when comparing companies:


Systems engineering and integration


Project documentation


Project and program management


Initial and sustainment training


On/off-site service support


Programming and IT


Creative Design


Most Importantly, we take pride in our work

Wiring Stack

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